Ginger Tea Recipe

To make a good ginger tea, all you need is fresh or powdered ginger and filtered water. The rest of the ingredients are optional, but it might taste better with a little honey in it, as well a splash of fresh lemon juice.

Makes 1 cup


1 tsp of grated fresh ginger or 1/2 tsp of ginger powder
1 tsp raw honey or pure maple syrup
Small handful of fresh coriander
fresh lemon juice to taste

Optional Ingredients
1 cinnamon stick
fresh mint leaves
pinch of cayenne pepper

1. If you are using fresh ginger - grate the ginger with a grater/zester.
2. Boil water - when the water is ready put the ginger in a tea pot or mug and add the water.
3. Leave the tea to stand for 10 minutes so that the ginger infuses the water and so you can take advantage of its many beneficial properties. Here is where you would add optional ingredients.
4. Using a fine strainer, strain to get rid of any pieces of ginger.
5. Add fresh lemon juice and honey or maple syrup. Stir and enjoy!
6. If you want a cold tea, let your tea cool down, store it in the fridge and add ice cubes before serving.


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