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    The long lasting beauty and modern appearance of Excalibur’s new 10 tray dehydrator lends a touch of class to your kitchen. The perfect combination of industry leading air-flow mechanics and materials.

    Ideal for families, hunters, crafts people, volume pet treats and in home dehydrating businesses.

    The Parallexx Horizontal Airflow

    FAST, EVEN dehydration.

    The fan, heating element, and thermostat are in the back. Cool air is drawn in, heated, and distributed evenly over each tray. This exclusive design helps the food dry faster, retain more nutrients, and look and taste better, without tray rotation. 


    • 100% Stainless Steel exterior inserts and trays with polycarbonate interior. 
    • Case interior is polycarbonate, the same material as their our black and white units.
    • Stainless Steel exterior inserts
    • Armoured glass doors 
    • Features Excalibur’s patented Parallex™ Horizontal Air Flow and Hyperwave™ Fluctuation Technology, the most efficient heating/drying combination on the market.
    • 10 large polycarbonate trays and screens. Mesh screens are BPA free. 38cm x 38cm each.
    • 600 watts
    • Dimensions:43 H x 44 W x 52 D (cm)
    • 99 Hour Timer lets you set and forget. 
    • Adjustable Thermostat 35◦C to 68◦C. Temperature range is low enough to preserve active enzymes in fruits and vegetables. Temperature range is also high enough to meet safety standards for dehydrating meat for jerky. 
    • 16cm fan
    • Includes FREE Preserve It Naturally Book worth $39.
    • 2 year Domestic Warranty - 1 year Commercial.  
    • Made in USA

    Why Dehydrate

    Drying is easy

    A wide variety of fresh foods can be dried: fruits, vegetables, fish and meats. These foods can be eaten dried for snacks and parties, or reconstitued for cooking and baking. Drying is earier than canning or freezing: you simply wash, slice and load food onto the dehydrator trays. Within hours your foods are dried and ready to eat or store.

    Drying can save you money

    Owning an Excalibur dehydrator allows you to purchase and dry foods in peak seasons when prices are lowest - a great savings compared to the high cost of commercial dried products. Best of all, operating a dehydrator costs only cents a days and dried foods don't require continual electricity to be maintained as with freezing.

    Dried foods taste great and are nutritious

    As food dries, natural food flavours and sugars tend to concentrate - giving dried foods a sweeter and stronger burst of flavour than fresh foods. Dried foods are nutritous, too! Drying preserves important nutrients that cooking often destroys. And since you don't add sugar or other additives, dried foods make delicious and healthy snacks for your family.

    Dried foods store easily

    Dried foods take up less space than canned or frozen foods because when you remove the moisture, food shrinks in size. They store in any convenient airtight container or pack and are lightweight - just right for lunchboxes, backpacks or camping trips.

    Washing your dehydrator trays and non-stick sheets can be a bit tricky in a standard kitchen sink. Laundry tubs are the perfect size for the square dehydrator trays. To read entire blog click here.