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    These flexible 35cm x 35cm non-stick sheets are a fabric coated with Dupont Teflon for preparing semi liquid foods such as fruit leathers, flax crackers, flat bread, meals, soups, fine seeds, herbs and spices. All you have to do to make great tasting treats and snacks is pour pureed fruits, yogurt or pre prepared meals and peel off when dried enough. You can also use them as non-stick baking sheets or a protective ironing sheet. Safe up to 260°C for baking.

    Teflex sheets are easy to hand clean as the majority of food should peel off quickly and easily. Store them in the bottom of your dehydrator for effortless cleaning and catching spills. They won’t chip or flake and are reusable for years.

    The important difference between the two sheets is the material used to make it. ParaFlexx Premium sheets are Dupont Teflon coated fabric, ParaFlexx Ultra sheets are a bit thicker with a silicone coated fabric.

    We have found over the many years of using non-stick sheets the premium grade is very strong and durable to last many years with proper care. The Ultra sheets are unnecessary unless you tend to handle them roughly when washing as Teflon coated fabric is typically thinner and more prone to wrinkling and crack or if you simply don't like Teflon coated products. Rough handling is not really necessary since anything that sticks to the sheets comes off very easily.

    There are people selling generic versions of our sheets that are not of the highest quality and will not last as long as our Trademarked ParaFlexx™ sheets. Make sure it has the Trade marked ParaFlexx™ Logo on it and you will be assured that you are getting the highest quality non-stick drying sheets available.

    These sheets are designed to fit all 5, 9 and 10 Tray Excalibur Dehydrators and are our most popular sheets.